Proud and coool

Coool Dog Coats look fashionable and our dogs know it. They not only wear it for practical reasons, there's also a bit of vanity.

But most of all it helps. Wearing a Coool Dog Coat after an exhausting tournament run is a great relief. Your dog cools down much faster than without it.

Here are a few opinions:



Doesn't it look fantastic? My very own Coool Dog Coat! No need for business barks, everybody can see who I am.

It was a difficult course, but I made it. Now I'm going to have some fresh water and relax.



Yes, it's me! Kathrein! Look at me! Admirable, eh? I would even wear it without it's great cooling effect. But with it it's even better.

I'm now looking forward to my next run. It will be a breeze.


Warm Dog Coats

Pssst.... did you know your dog gets just as cold as you do? Order a warm dog coat for the cold winter months asap, so your best friend does not have to shiver through the cold and rainy days. Even rain jackets are available!

Contact us for a price list and sizes available.


The 2016 catalog with new and exciting accessories for your dog will be available in due time, so watch this space!

If you cannot wait that long, send us an e-mail and we will personally inform you of all the new things your dog can look Coool in this winter!



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