Dogs are different!

Dogs are not humans (of course). One important difference, that humans often fail to notice, is the fact that dogs are not capable of perspiration. Just on their tongues and between their toes are small cooling areas.

This fact is the main reason why dogs collapse on hot summer days, often with a fatal outcome. Dogs simply don't realize that they overheat and fall victim to a heatstroke.

Problem solved

Humans are unable to breathe underwater, but ingenious people have developed devices to enable a human to dive and breathe. It is complicated and expensive, but it works.

Dogs, as mentioned above, are unable to perspire. Shouldn't it be possible to find a technical solution to their problem?

Yes, it is possible and it's not too difficult, if you know a bit about physics. It is much simpler than letting a human breathe underwater. And thus it is way cheaper.

A Coool Dog Coat keeps your dog cool and comfortable on a hot summer day. Dogs running a competition love to cool down after a fast or difficult course. They enjoy their Coool Dog Coat.


Warm Dog Coats

Pssst.... did you know your dog gets just as cold as you do? Order a warm dog coat for the cold winter months asap, so your best friend does not have to shiver through the cold and rainy days. Even rain jackets are available!

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